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Jill and I crossed paths at a time of intense transition in my life: new job, new apartment, new puppy, recent break-up from a long-term boyfriend. I was hesitant how Reiki would work in a virtual space, but OMG it really was so powerful. Jill is deeply caring, attentive, and gifted. I just had my second session with her and I can't wait for our next! Thank you so much, Jill, for playing such a huge role in my healing journey.


I have been working with Jill for a little over two years now and she has helped guide me through the most expansive spiritual growth during this time. Each time there was an "aha" moment, I thought that would be the peak of my self discovery but of course, there is always more! Through my work with Jill, I have really learned to step fully into my own power and have tapped into gifts I never imagined possible. 


I have had the opportunity to work with other energy healers before Jill but none have been able to tune into my energy the way Jill has. I walk away from sessions in awe of the things she has identified going on in my life at the time. Jill doesn't leave you high and dry after identifying the ongoing energies that are happening in your life. She provides support and guidance on how to move past certain obstacles, or in some cases, guidance on how to lean into what is happening in your life. The cards she pulls for you in the sessions and the playlist she curates are always on point! Each card and song that comes up in the session speaks to the soul. I leave Jill's sessions feeling much lighter and with a greater sense of clarity in the direction I am headed.  


Working with Jill inspired me to pursue my own reiki certifications and I completed my Reiki Level 1 certification through a weekend retreat Jill hosted. This was the first spiritual retreat I attended and it did not disappoint. Weaved into the Reiki 1 lesson/attunement were group meditations, reflective journal prompts, fun activities out in nature, and endless love & support. I have always been hesitant to share my true feelings and emotions in front of new people but the space Jill created was so safe and nurturing, I was able to be me in my rawest form. Jill attracts people who make you feel safe and allow you to step out of your comfort zone, and this retreat was a true reflection of that. 


Jill has helped me open up my heart to the world and in turn, the universe has provided me with unexpected, joyful experiences (essentially magic). I am no longer living in a fear state, but one of flow and trust in the universe. What I'm really trying to say is...Jill has changed my life all for the better and I could not be more grateful for this woman coming into my life. I’m excited for the continued work together and cannot wait to see what continues to unfold! 


My reiki session with Jill felt like sitting down with someone who had already known me for a long time, and reflecting together. She is gentle in her approach, while carrying through a clear wisdom that made me feel both seen and held.


My session with Jill was magical. Besides feeling like I’ve known her forever, she is other-worldly & down to earth all at the same time. Jill is so warm & immediately makes you feel welcomed. She has the sincerest interest in her clients’ well-being & has a comforting effortlessness to her sessions which makes her definitely ‘chosen’ and ‘called’ to do this kind of healing work. From the second you walk into your session until the second you leave, you will feel transformed. Her energy is magnetic & she is truly a master of her craft.


Jill was great to work with! It was easy to schedule with her, and I really enjoyed our session! As an energy worker myself, it's challenging during extremely stressful times to keep myself balanced. Working with Jill, a knowledgable and intuitive healer, helped me ground my energy and relax better. I highly recommend her services!!


Wow, where do I even start?! I came to Jill struggling with panic attacks, anxiety, and fear in my heart that this was my forever fate. I was lacking direction on my life’s purpose and needed guidance on how to even start. The first session we ever had, I immediately felt safe and held by her. She is so powerfully gifted but at the same time has such a gentle and compassionate approach. I was floored by how much permission she gave to be myself and share so vulnerably. 


Since that first session, we have been meeting weekly 1:1 for 4 months and I have had the honor to test drive the Intuition Activation program. Jill has put her full heart and soul into this program, including sharing videos of her personal journey, meditations on how to protect your energy, journal prompts to help you reflect on certain areas of your life, supplemental resources (books and podcasts) to help you understand a topic better, and playlists to help inspire your power within. 


As I reflect about my time with her and doing this program, I get so emotional…she has literally changed my life. For the first time in a really long time, I feel safe to be myself and in my body. I trust my instincts, and I feel empowered to authentically live my life’s purpose. She has helped me discover my magic, and without a doubt, I’m confident she will do the same for any client she comes in contact with. This experience has been nothing short of sacred and transformative, and we are just getting started. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts with me, Jill. I am forever grateful.


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