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And I'm so glad you're here.

I am here to support you, as together, we shed light on the cracks that are ready to be filled with gold; to glue your sense of inherent worth and self-trust back together again.

It continues to be my daily joy to work with folks of all ages and cultural backgrounds.

As a Spiritual Advisor, I work with a wide range of intuitive tools to support you along your journey.

From your visualizations during energy healing, to communicating with the dead, to your downward dog and back to our breath - I am here to guide you through the spaces in between. 



Through play as a child, I would often act out the many aspects of my past lives. I would make potions, speak in different 'made up' languages and pretend to meditate. My younger sisters and I were sent a child's yoga VHS from my Grandmother in the late 90's, and it was my favorite video to watch on repeat. Spirituality, the belief that God is loving and kind and encouragement to feel, speak and trust my angels were fortunately the messaging received during my upbringing.


I have always felt spirit around me and at all stages of my life I have expressed to my mother that I am being visited and communicated with by those we love or that others love who have passed on. Her fearless compassion and innate knowing empowered me with the freedom and safety to allow for spirit to use me as a channel 

My healing work began around age 27, the beginning of my Saturn Return, when I decided with determination to heal my trauma, anxiety and depression holistically rather than just with medications. Through cognitive therapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing, a healthy diet, music, journaling, long dog walks, speaking boundaries from the heart and much more; I created my own daily rituals and practices to uplift my mental and physical health.

As my nervous system began to regulate and my daily life became more peaceful, I began to feel the call to share these teachings. I completed all 3 Reiki certifications, my 200 hour yoga teacher training, a Theta healing certification and various other workshops and classes to be of service to others and continue my own journey of self discovery, radical self acceptance and authentic embodiment.

My purpose in this lifetime is to help individuals find their power again. Through extensive intuitive healing gifts such as mediumship, energy healing through touch and acting as a clairvoyant channel, I am able to bring all dimensions into a healing session.

My wish for you in working with me is that you find safety within your own presence and energy, for you to heal deeply on all levels, align with your highest self and trust in the unfolding of your journey.

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