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Spiritual Advisor, Executive Assistant

Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon, Taurus Rising

Manifesting Generator

Certified Tarot Reader

Reiki Practitioner (Level 2)

Intuitive, Psychic Medium

Divine Mother

In process: Reiki Masters

Instagram: @mackenzieculberson


With an approach to healing rooted in honest self reflection and introspection, sessions with Mackenzie shed light on what you already know deep down.

Working with Mackenzie offers a way to grow into self love, accept the truth of your power and shed the weight of expectation.


"God, if you're real, turn me into a mermaid," I said most of my childhood.

As evident through childhood play casting spells with my siblings, the ways in which I have always connected with nature and now in the work that I have the privilege to do; I've always known that I possess a certain level of magic.

Even as a child, I was aware of the complexities of the human condition. It was easy for me to empathize with others and I had a passion to fend for the under represented, the underdog, the "other"; even when I felt my voice wasn't being heard.

Through my own intuitive gifts and certifications I have earned, I have been able to unblock my throat chakra and therefore, a large part of my work is to continue to use my voice in support of others.

When I was first introduced to this way of work and living, of living a life that is mindful and deeply connected to spirit, I wasn’t ready to fully accept that there was more to me than I was able to embody at the time. Through working with other healers, EMDR therapy, connecting with nature, yoga, breathwork and becoming a mother, I am able to fully step into the magic I was searching for as a child.

While I now know that I am indeed a powerfully creative healer, I am also aware that healing is a life long journey. I now am able to parent the self doubting child within me through finally finding my voice and embodying my purpose.

Through my work with my clients I am able to remind them of their power to change their lives. Through using my voice in session to channel information from other realms, my clients are able to feel deeply connected, seen and heard. It is my hope that my clients allow themselves to forever stay curious and to always trust in their own voice.

I know now that my relationship that I have cultivated with the Universe is what allows me to embody the energy of the mermaid. It was never outside of me, the magic was always within.

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