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My intention is to lay the foundation and lead a thriving men’s community. Here, we get to support ourselves and one another while using the dependable tools I have picked up along the way.

It is my hope that together, we will be able to break down the barriers and ego-oriented ways of the patriarchy so that we can each experience the full expression of our power, gifts and purpose.

What I am offering is a safe space to feel what is hard to tap into; to feel safe, welcomed and accepted.


Winter Season sessions are the foundation needed to withstand and flourish through the tides of 2024.

In these virtual 6 bi-weekly sessions, each participant will be able to walk away with the necessary tools and techniques to create a daily routine, navigate change and sustain growth.

These simple yet effective tools will up-level your relationships, advance your career and greatly impact your communication skills.

The beauty of having a community is being able to rely on each other for support as each individual evolves in their way.

Winter 1.4 will be hosted via Zoom on March 3 and again in person on March 4 at 6PM.

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