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Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon, Scorpio Rising

Manifesting Generator

Reiki Practitioner (Level 2)

Basic Theta Healing

BS Business Strategy & History

Corporate Sales Executive

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The many reasons that brought me to this work and how it has vastly improved my life.

Born and raised in Stratford CT, I spent my mid-late 20’s living in New York City. For a while, I was excelling at work, feeling confident physically and was happily planning my future with my then fiance. I thought I was in my peak and that I could easily continue down this path of corporate success, wellbeing and transition into being a husband. I thought I was the epitome of what society expects of and what a wife needs in a man.

Then, COVID-19 hit.

During the first 6 months of the pandemic I was actively recovering from knee surgery, I lost the job I loved, I got married and abruptly moved to rural North Carolina. It was a lot at once, and I realized quickly that my personal identities were fading away along with my mental health. The person I thought I was no longer existed within this new reality.

As I slipped into survival mode, I had to come face to face with my own inner demons. I had to admit that I could no longer face this new reality on my own. With the loving support of those around me, I turned to weekly therapy, yoga, meditation, energy healing, plant medicine and many other modalities that consistently helped me to heal my deep rooted trauma, shame, addictions and depression.

As I leaned into my own discomfort, I had to acknowledge that through community, I was able to build my self anew. Since beginning this journey, I have a community of wonderful, driven and interesting people around me. I can also confidently say that I am happily married, thriving in my career and mindfully continuing to do the work that saved my life.

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